Analytics and Big Data

Support business and management by providing clear, insightful analyzes and visualizations of large datasets and/or abstract information; responsibilities primarily include working with datasets in a given system and performing various analysis tasks such as data mining (including data auditing, aggregation, validation and reconciliation), advanced modelling techniques, testing and drafting and explaining results in written form; Big Data roles require understanding and/or experience with real-time analytics and business intelligent platforms such as Tableau Software; ability to work with SQL databases, knowledge and/or experience working with Hadoop; knowledge of programming and scripting languages and excellent communication skills.

Machine Learning Scientist

Bring together disparate data sources into a valid, useful format, implementing practical machine learning models with outputs applicable to directly improving client outcomes, integrating model inputs and outputs with existing systems for real time online usage

Data Architect

Provide tactical and strategic direction in the areas of data mining, data visualization and assessment of data quality and consistency across platforms, products and geographical areas for an organization. A data architect is involved in data governance practices, data administration, data integration, and data modeling activities of a company.

Database Administrator

Build and maintain complex computer database systems for a company. Working with a team, database administrators lead the database development activities. Using coding skills and ETL Architecture Standards, database architects create, maintain and troubleshoot databases.

Data Scientist

Contribute to the development of an analysis strategy and perform analysis of complex scenarios and A/B tests; responsible for the coordination, collection, consolidation and analysis of data from various sources to establish data science strategy and methodologies to influence key decisions that will drive business strategy; analyze data to surface insights to inform various aspects of business such as development, licensing and finance; help establish and improve processes for data analytics

Hadoop Engineer

Administer and manage hadoop ecosystem and components including capacity planning; work with engineering teams to design, implement and deploy applications that use a MapR hadoop cluster; design policies and processes on MapR cluster use

Hadoop Developer

Responsible for transforming business specifications and requirements into organized technical activities; responsibilities include performing complex analysis, assessment, resolution, design, configuration and programming functions at an expert level; write UNIX shell scripts to load the data from different interfaces to HADOOP

Big Data Developer

Design end-to-end data pipelines and maintain big data environment; responsibilities include collecting and processing raw data to applying advanced analytics to a diverse range of datasets; manage the entire lifecycle of the data pipeline including ongoing data monitoring and controlling data integrity

Data Warehouse and Reporting Technical Specialist

This role provides operational support, data profiling, audit and reconciliation services for data integration in a data warehouse environment; this role assures that operational processes follow data warehouse best practices

Software Development Engineer

Creative and technical subject matter experts that translate software requirements into workable programming code and maintain and develop programs for use in business; responsibilities primarily include writing specifications, designing, building, testing, implementing and maintaining applications using programming languages and development tools; software development professionals work in a range of business sectors, including finance, government, health and the public sector and often work as part of a team with other IT professionals; software development roles require knowledge of one or more programming and scripting languages, knowledge of software design, web development skills, strong testing, debugging and problem-solving skills, knowledge of cloud services and the cloud environment and excellent communication skills.

Software Engineer

Develops software solutions by examining business requirements; conferring with users; studying systems flow, data usage, and work processes; investigating problem areas; following the software development lifecycle.

Application Developer

Responsible for developing and maintaining application projects and business application programs; write new program code; maintain existing code using prescribed specifications; resolve questions of program intent, data input, output requirements, and inclusion of internal checks and controls; write and maintain programming documentation

Software Support Technician/Specialist

Assist in the installation, maintenance and testing of workplace endpoint technology to ensure proper operation and freedom from defects; monitor and respond to technical problems utilizing hardware and software testing tools and techniques.

DevOps Engineer

Develop, maintain deployment and management scripts with a working understanding of code and script (Python, Perl and/or Expect), continuously improve cluster infrastructure for reliability and performance

Mobile Applications Engineer

Builds and/or manage mobile applications development and architecture design on multiple platforms.

Software Quality Assurance Engineer

Participates in the design, development, and implementation of software quality standards and procedures to maintain high levels of software quality and product reliability; perform detailed test scenarios, cases, and scripts for repeatable and consistent testing approach and report on outcomes; develop test plans, scripts, and other documentation for various functional and non-functional testing activities

Web Development Engineer

Support and build new features into existing iOS applications; provide engineering support for new product development; write unit tests and documentation

Distributed Systems Engineer

Perform system administration activities related to mobility systems; support mobility upgrade operations, application vetting and deployments, general mobile customer support, and mobile system administration and engineering for products; perform configuration management, technical support, and application support and develop supporting documentation.

Cloud Architect

Cloud Architects possess a unique balance of technical depth and strong interpersonal skills to create technical definitions around customer objectives in complex situations to craft scalable, flexible and resilient architectures that address customer business problems and accelerate the adoption of our cloud services; Cloud Architect roles require strong knowledge of cloud services and the cloud environment, knowledge of programming and scripting languages, infrastructure architecture and/or database architecture and excellent communication skills.

Associate Cloud Architect

A hybrid role between business development and IT support; help organizations understand best practices around cloud-based solutions, and how to migrate existing workloads to the cloud; comfortable working with technology and people; apply business knowledge and technical expertise to create solutions to help enterprises architech and secure their information and data

Cloud Technical Account Manager

Support the software development lifecycle for cloud services and management of active services; serve as technical point of contact for customers helping to plan, debug, and oversee ongoing operations of business critical applications; responsibilities include troubleshooting application, network, database, and architectural problem solving

Cloud Service Delivery Manager

Work with the customers on operational and tactical issues to drive adoption of security and patch compliance best practices; work with customers to develop and standardize test, upgrade, and release management processes

Cloud Application Architect/Developer

Provide deep software development knowledge with respect cloud architecture, design patterns and programming; help customers architect scalable, highly available application solutions that leverage cloud services; architect and develop customer applications to be cloud optimized

Cybersecurity Engineer

Cybersecurity engineers develop and carry out security measures to monitor and protect computer systems, networks, applications and information from security vulnerabilities. Cybersecurity engineers may also advise on appropriate countermeasures to remediate security risk and defects. Responsibilities may include: security testing in development cycles, source code analysis, vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, and compliance reviews.

Operations/Support Engineering

Bringing solid technical skills, operations and IT support professionals support business customers by monitoring and applying troubleshooting techniques to address customers’ individual needs; responsibilities may include operating system administration, providing technical support/input, installation, maintenance and support of IT equipment and infrastructure; user management, configuration of new processes and projects, training, documentation; knowledge of cloud services and the cloud environment, knowledge and/or working experience with database administration; networking knowledge, knowledge and/or working experience with Linux; knowledge of one or more programming and scripting languages; experience in a service desk or network operations environment.

Network Operations Engineer

Support the architecture, design and assurance of information security mechanisms and services throughout the cloud environment; implement, configure, and support network infrastructure, including WAN circuits, virtualization, Internet connectivity, cloud services, and VPN technologies

Help Desk Technician

Provide technical support and customer service via phone, in person and through our remote access tools for issues related to cloud services, network, laptop, desktop and server software, hardware and peripherals; strong troubleshooting skills and ability to evaluate and manage changes, understanding their impact to systems, business and users; ability to conduct research into a wide range of computing issues

Cloud Support Associate

Respond to technology requests from customers, run diagnostic programs, isolate problem, and determine and implement solution; maintain periodic performance of computer/laptop systems, networks and peripheral equipment

Cloud Infrastructure Engineer

Create infrastructure design based on solution requirements; install, deploy and maintain web-based platforms, both on private virtualized infrastructure, test and production environments; ensure day-to-day management of platforms by investigating and resolving incidents, solving ad hoc technical problems, performance monitoring and managing system capacity; improve storage and infrastructure strategies/processes

Quality Assurance Team Lead

Responsible for ensuring the quality of backend applications and technologies used in the cloud architecture; Perform manual and automated end to end system tests to release high quality application/system software that is highly resilient and optimally performing on very large distributed networks

Network Technician

Support daily operations and system administration of back-up and storage management systems; document problem details and problem resolution; test, organize and report the progress of on-going issues on regular basis

Cloud Support Engineer

Support and field general guidance questions from customers focused on networking technologies in the cloud including Route 53, Elastic Load Balancing, VPC, setting up a small website using EC2 up to troubleshooting and reproducing complex performance issues from customers with fleets of thousands of EC2 instances

Systems Engineer

Write code and practice automation, and at scale; strong technical knowledge required; functions may include a mix of dev ops, systems management, troubleshooting, and customer support